shooting range

shooting range FAQ


Yes, you can bring your own firearms to the range. They do need to be correctly secured according to all firearm regulations. 


Yes, all targets are to be made from paper or cardboard. Targets with human facial characteristics are not allowed. Silhouette images are allowed.  

Is there a minimum age requirement?

 Phoenix does not have a set age requirement; young individuals will only be permitted to shoot at the discretion of present Range Officers & Management. Essentially, the young person must be able to control the firearm and listen to direction from their parent/guardian and Range Officers. Should the Range Officer determine the young person’s participation would be dangerous or ill-advised, they will not be allowed to shoot.

Can I leave my children unattended in the lobby?

  No. They must be directly supervised by an accompanying adult at all times.

Can non-members without a Firearm Licence (PAL) shoot at Phoenix Range?

Yes, non-members can shoot at Phoenix with or without a PAL, this is referred to as a “Walk In”. However, those who do not possess a Firearm Licence are required to bring at least one additional guest along as part of our safety program.

Company events/Large groups: Is a deposit required?

We can accommodate larger groups, but all Range Passes must be paid for in advance upon booking for groups of 7 or more. Ammunition can be purchased on the scheduled day of the event.

Note: Waivers will need to be filled out upon arrival so arriving a little earlier than your scheduled time is advised.

What is appropriate clothing to wear to the Range?

Although there is technically no dress code for our shooting range, we can make a few suggestions based on experience. We advise against wearing any low-cut tops (tank tops, V-necks, etc.) or garments with wider neck openings, as brass becomes very hot and can fly down the front of clothing and may cause a small burn. Open-toed shoes are also discouraged. You will not be removed from the range as a result of your outfit choices.

Is it wheelchair accessible?

Yes, our facility is entirely wheelchair accessible. If you require additional accommodations, please consult a Range Officer for assistance.

Are pregnant women allowed to shoot at Phoenix?

Legally we cannot prohibit pregnant persons from using the range but we strongly suggest that they don’t given the potential adverse effects of the environment.


Is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provided, or do I need to bring my own?

We do have complimentary PPE available (ear protection and safety glasses) for use in the event you do not have your own. Please be advised that the equipment we have available is catered to fit adults, so if you plan on bringing a child along please prepare accordingly.

How long can I stay after paying for a Range Pass?

Currently, a Range Pass is good for the entire day, so you can take your time without pressure. If you plan on leaving for a break and returning the same day, please keep your receipt or you may be denied re-entry.

How much should I expect to pay as a “Walk In” customer?

An Adult Range Pass costs $44.95, plus the cost of ammo you intend to shoot. We estimate that you will spend approximately $80 per visit if you are a non-member. For more details, visit our Range Pricing here.

Will there be someone there to assist me if I’m an inexperienced shooter?

Yes. We have Range Officers available at all times, and there will be a Range Officer present at all times for the safety, supervision and instruction of your visit.

Are pictures allowed?

Absolutely! We encourage guests to take as many photos as they’d like. You are welcome (& encouraged) to post photos and comments on our Facebook/Google.

Can I bring my own ammunition?

Yes, you can bring your own ammunition to use in your firearms. However, we do not allow steel casings/cores and will be checking ammunition prior to entrance. If your ammunition sticks to a magnet, you will be requested to return it to your vehicle.

You will not be permitted to use ammunition brought from home/retail/etc. in Phoenix’s range guns for any reason as it violates our liability insurance policy.