Three Holiday Gifts For The Gun Owner Or Recreational Shooter In Your Life

The holiday season has arrived, which means spending your free time browsing the shops or adding items to your cart online! As you check off the other gifts for your loved ones, you may find yourself on what to get your loved one that loves to shoot. Whether they’re a hunter, concealed gun carrier or love going to the gun range once in a while – they’re sure to love a new shooting item under the Christmas tree.

It can be hard to know exactly where to start when it comes to gun gifts. Save yourself the time it takes to research or trying to be subtle and inquire about shooting accessories to your loved one and check our Phoenix Indoor Gun Range & Gun Shop Ltd . three holiday gifts for the shooter in your life!

1. Long Range Shooting Handbook

What could be better than warming up to the fire with a great book in hand? Cozying up as you read up on new shooting techniques! The gun owner or gun lover in your life will love the “ Long Range Shooting Handbook.” Whether they’re an avid long-range rifle user, just starting out or are completely new to the rifle world, this handbook is a treasure they’re sure to love. An informative, #1 best seller on Amazon, this handbook will keep your loved one enthralled and ready to try a long-range scope ASAP! At our gun range in Edmonton, they’ll get the chance to put their newly acquired knowledge to use!

2. AR500 Steel Targets

For a more active gift, your gun-toting loved one will endlessly thank you for – the AR500 Steel Targets are a first-rate choice. Gun users are consistently practicing and working to improve their shooting techniques. Active shooting targets keep them constantly engaged, focused and mobile to practice their shooting skills on these high carbon steel plates. A durable, long-lasting investment, the AR500 Steel Targets can last a lifetime when used as directed.

3. Gun Cleaning Kit

Next to the firearm itself, a gun cleaning and maintenance kit are essential for every gun owner. The Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Kit is perfect for a variety of firearms, especially for the pistol, which will make for an important addition to their shooting range kit. Cleaning is what of the most crucial and important part of being a gun owner. Your loved one will appreciate the high-quality Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Kit that will never break even from frequent, heavy-duty use. 

Don’t forget about the best gift of all – a membership to our Phoenix Indoor Gun Range & Gun Shop! Our gun store in Edmonton is a full-service shop and Edmonton shooting club to accommodate all shooters – recreational or occupational! Always wanted to try a gun out or ready to get your gun license? We hold birthday parties at our Edmonton gun shop and an incredible gun license course in Edmonton too! Walk into our store or send us a message contact to learn more today!