Atlas A1 Monopod Bracket G2 Accuracy International Stock for BT08 Monopods


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The BT39 AI Monopod Bracket (AIMB) is an adapter required to attach the BT08-QK ASAI monopod (used with the original “legacy” AI style stocksides) to the new Accuracy International “Gen 2” style stocksides. It is machined from 4140 steel with a manganese phosphate finish. Modification to the Buttstock Stocksides (skins) is required to accept the BT39 AIMB. The BT39 AIMB is mounted to the AI frame using your existing BT08 Stock Collar Fastener (this fastener is not included in the BT39, it is included with the BT08) being threaded to the lower AI butt pad bolt. The BT08 is then attached to the BT39 AIMB by means of the supplied 5/16-24 socket head cap screw.