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The ELR Bipod Extender with built-in Arca Elite Rail System (AES) has been developed with ELR shooters in mind. It allows the shooter to rapidly modify the position of his bipod by simply sliding the AES clamp all along the bottom of the ELR Bipod Extender. This is especially useful when you are engaging multiple targets requiring completely different elevation angles. It rapidly secures to the bottom of the chassis fore-end tube using either 10-32 or 1/4-28 screws depending on your chassis model. The ELR Bipod Extender shifts the positioning of the bipod mounting point up to 10” further than end of the fore-end tube which results in a huge stability improvement. It is slightly slanted 72 MOA so that a short bipod displacement results in a smooth muzzle rise. It is also compatible with bipod Picatinny rails if you own a bipod with Picatinny head attachment or you may choose to buy the optional AES Clamp for the ultimate experience. The AES features a locking system to ensures that the bipod will not slide under heavy recoil. FEATURES: Very fast adjustability of the bipod positioning. Shifts the bipod mounting point up to 10” further forward. 72 MOA (3/8”) slant angle for faster muzzle rise. Compatible with standard Arca, AES Clamp or Picatinny rail.