Phoenix has implemented a 2-week trial period to allow individuals that have “City issued mask exemption cards” to prove to all of our members and staff that social distancing by those “exemption holders” can be maintained successfully to ensure the health of everyone entering this building as well as allowing this facility to remain open for all our members. This is very important to everyone involved with Phoenix Indoor Range and Gun Shop and must be taken seriously. This period will begin September 4th, 2020 until close September 18th, 2020. This period of time will be used to measure whether or not physical distancing guidelines can be maintained to ensure the health and safety of all patrons at Phoenix Indoor Range & Gun Shop. All Phoenix staff will strive to be patient with all “exemption cardholders!”

    This policy can only be effective if all parties are willing to comply 100% to the following physical distancing guidelines:

  1. Unmasked patrons must stay 6 feet from all individuals at all times as per AHS and City of Edmonton bylaw.
  2. Unmasked patrons can only break the 6-foot rule if they are in close proximity with someone of the same household as per AHS and City of Edmonton bylaw.

  1. “Mask exemption Cardholders” who are wishing to use the shooting range will be assigned specific shooting booths to maintain physical distancing. The availability of booths may be limited during peak hours ex: hunting season. “Exemption cardholders” may be asked to wait outside of the complex until a shooting booth becomes available. At that time a range staff member will notify you. You are always welcome to call ahead of time to check availability.
  2. “Mask exemption Cardholders” will be asked to sign a special conditions waiver, stating the acceptance of maintaining physical distancing. Failure to maintain these guidelines will, unfortunately, result in being asked to leave Phoenix Indoor Range and Gun Shop. There will be no refund of entry fees and or packages purchased.

If all goes well… business as usual! We sincerely hope that we are successful. If we are unsuccessful during this trial period, we will have to enforce a policy of not allowing any unmasked individuals into our facility regardless of medical condition or card exemptions. We will be left no choice other than to fully enforce Bylaw 19408.

All the staff at Phoenix Indoor Range and Gun Shop take the health and safety of everyone that visits our facility very seriously for obvious reasons. The health and safety of the majority can not be infringed upon by the few, and we stand to ensure that all patrons remain safe at all times. If there are any complaints from other members or customers regarding people without masks, Management is obligated to look into those complaints and act accordingly as per AHS and Edmonton city guidelines and bylaws.

We all look forward to everyone’s cooperation so that we can stay open for everyone’s enjoyment.
Thank you!

Any questions or concerns can be directed to management at