How to Plan A Fun Bachelor Or Bachelorette Party

Are you in charge of planning a bachelor or bachelorette party? This is an important night for the bride and groom, so it should go by without a hitch. The pressure is on and it can easily get overwhelming. Here are some tips to ensure you plan the most epic (stress-free) party. 

Plan Early 

There is nothing worse than last-minute planning. As the bride/groom’s right hand, you want to make sure you are making this party great for them as they carry the stress of all the other wedding factors. You want this to be a stress-free event for them. Be the best host that you can be and plan early. This will include overseeing the dates, guest list, activities, and expected expenses for each guest. Make sure you send out invites and schedule the dates according to the bride/groom’s wishes so that everyone has time to plan. Once you have an established guest list, you can alter the schedule accordingly.


All party planning starts with a budget. You want to celebrate the bride and groom, but you should also keep any budget constraints in mind. You’ll want to discuss with the bride or groom about what they would like to see happen and from there you can reach a budget that is reasonable for both of you.

Consult with the Bride/Groom 

You have a clear idea of what you’d like to do. The next step is to run it by the bride or groom. You’ll want to make sure that you are both on the same page about the party. 

Pick your location

Once you have an established budget, you can begin to scout for locations. While destination bachelor parties are increasingly popular, you don’t have to jet-set to have a great time. Remember, the party is wherever you are, so choose a restaurant, activities, and bars for some options, and begin narrowing it down.

Everyone should have fun

If you are taking the adventurous approach, you should make sure you are planning a party everyone will enjoy. From a night at home to a destination party, the possibilities are endless. There are so many things to do, out of traditional bar hopping. Some great ideas include: 

Make an Itinerary 

You’ve worked around the budget, consulted with the bride/groom, pick your location, and narrowed down your activities, now it’s time to make your itinerary. Make sure you send this to the bride/groom to see if there are any changes they’d like to make. After that, the party is planned and all there’s left to do is celebrate! 

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