Range membership is available, giving you the benefit of year-round range use at significant savings.

Pricing Includes full instruction and supervision for anyone with or without a firearms license for the entire time that they are in the shooting range (Must be accompanied by a guest if not licensed).

There are several options for rates and membership. A daily pass is $39.95 per day, per range. Persons under the age of (18) must have a legal guardian present. Includes 1 free paper target. Passes are valid for the entire day up to closing.

Ballistic charts are available.

Available service on sighting at a “nominal fee.”

Please note:
  • The use of all “range guns” is included with the purchase of your day pass. There are over 80 different firearms- approximately $300,000.00 in various makes, calibers, and models with more guns being added over time.
  • Re-entry is allowed for that full day. Please retain your range pass receipt as proof of purchase.
  • All prices are subject to change without notice to reflect increasing costs.
  • For your safety, and our safety, only ammunition purchased at the range, at that time of use, can be used with our range guns.
  • Targets are available at an additional cost.


  • 10 shooting lanes. Each lane is equipped with a state of the art action target electronic carrier to allow you to set your target at your desired distance.
  • Check out our calendar for our various leagues (Bullseye, CHAS, ISPC). During the winter months our Saturday night ISPC league is very active for ISPC competitors and is very friendly towards new ISPC members. For more information please go to our ISPC information page.
  • Professionally maintained 20-yard indoor range.
  • Both pistol and rifle ranges are maintained by Phoenix trained range officers.


  • We have 4 sitting position booths that allow calibers up to a .338 Lapua Magnum to be shot on the range.
  • Professionally maintained 40-yard range.
  • Ballistic charts for zeroing the most common calibers in various grain weights on our range, up to 400 meters.
  • Available service of sighting in your hunting rifles for a “nominal fee”.
  • Both pistol and rifle ranges are supervised by Phoenix trained range officers that are helpful in assisting you with questions and assistance if required.
  • Rapid fire is prohibited. 2 seconds between shots is mandatory.
  • Only approved paper targets are allowed. No targets with recognizable facial features allowed. Please check with the range staff if unsure.


Group bookings are available for birthdays, stags, stagettes, and company functions. Call Phoenix today at 780-466-0307, or stop by for details and group pricing. Groups of shooters can take advantage of our firearm selection by choosing several guns of different calibers and then alternating lanes to try the various types of firearms. Groups of 10 or more receive 10% off of their entry fee.

Professional Law Enforcement, Sheriffs etc. can contact management for a quote for private bookings.


There are no restrictions on how old a person has to be to fire a gun, however, we require that persons under the age of (18) have a legal guardian present. While using Phoenix Indoor range is safe, we must be respectful of our community and insurance obligations.

With your range fee, you are covered by our limited liability insurance. Anyone entering the range MUST sign a waiver that states that you are aware that you will be using real guns and real bullets and that there are inherent risks with the sport. Please bring your government issued ID as it must be presented before access is given to our ranges. All PALs will be checked.

Non-licensed patrons are required to come with a guest for insurance and safety reasons.