FAQ - Canadian Firearm Safety Courses

What is a passing mark for the CFSC?

To pass the CFSC, a mark of 80% is required on both the written and practical exams. If you do not achieve 80% on the written exam, you will not be able to complete the practical exam. Any retests must be completed within 7 days and must be arranged with your instructor.

What do you need to bring for the cfsc?

A government issued photo ID and your course materials are all that is required for the course. Your course materials must be picked up at our Range counter prior to your course date. We recommend that you bring a pen and notepad if you wish to take notes during instruction.

The CFSC Handbook can also be found here if you'd like to see what will be covered.

IS THEre a minimum age requirement for the cfsc?

Individuals must be at least 12 years of age to take the CFSC. Minors require parent/guardian consent to attend the course. After successful completion of the CFSC, individuals under 18 years of age may apply for a Minor's Licence.

is the cfsc offered in multiple languages?

While the course is permitted to be offered in many languages, the RCMP course standards state that testing may only be done in Canada's two official languages (English & French).

Do i get to shoot firearms in a cfsc?

There is zero live fire (actual shooting) permitted during the CFSC. All firearms involved in the course are deactivated and unable to be fired.

I have a firearm prohibition, CAN I still take a cfsc?

An individual that is prohibited from possessing firearms is not permitted to attend a Canadian Firearm Safety Course.